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Chocolate Cake Collars

Chocolate Cake Collars

Transfer sheets are a sturdy but flexible plastic sheet coated with a mixture of cocoa butter and FSANZ approved food colouring, which has been etched with a repetitive design. They come in a wide variety of designs and colours.

You can use the transfer sheets on any flat chocolate surface or to decorate biscuits, cakes and deserts. Just apply the same basic application method to whatever you wish to decorate - you can achieve amazing and impressive results with ease.

Transfer sheets can be used with any type of chocolate. Milk or dark chocolate will show gold designs to their best advantage, white chocolate will highlight pastel or lighter colours with great effect. Each sheet is for one application only. You can cut sheets to the specific size you require and tape them together on the underside to make longer strips.


How to use.

Basic Application:

Step 1.  Measure the cakes circumference and height

Measure the Cake

Step 2. Cut the Transfer Sheet to size.  You can use sharp scissors or a Stanley knife. You can join two cut strips together on the using sticky tape.  Join on the smooth side of the transfer sheet (ie. not on the chocolate)

Cut the Transfer Sheet to size

Step 3. Lay the strip on a flat surface with the rough side facing upwards.  If you place some baking paper underneath it makes cleaning up a lot easier and the chocolate that goes over the edges can be re-melted and used.

Lay the Transfer Sheet on a flat surface

Step 4. Pour the melted chocolate over the transfer sheet. The black strips in the photo are the “Perfection Strips”.  They help you achieve a smooth even thickness of chocolate.

Pour on the chocolate

Step 5. Using an offset spatula, spread the chocolate out evenly over the transfer sheet.  Try to get a smooth even consistency that is not too thick – approximately 3mm.

Step 6. Gently pick up the chocolate transfer sheet with two hands and transfer to the cake.  Place one end on the cake then smooth the remainder of the sheet around the cake smoothing with your fingers as you go around.

Pick up the chocolate

Step 7. Once the collar is fully wrapped around, continue to smooth the collar onto the cake to ensure the chocolate adheres to the transfer sheet well and there are no air bubbles.

Wrap the collar around the cake

Step 8. Allow the chocolate to set for a good half hour until it is hard.  Then peel away the plastic to reveal your chocolate masterpiece.

Peel away the plastic


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