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Decorators Glitter and Edible Dust

Decorators Glitter and Edible Dust


There are 2 types of products in the Rainbow Dust Range. 

The Decorators Glitters and Edible Dusts include bright and vibrant colours for you to create gorgeous, fun and eye-catching treats! The products are highly reflective and shiny to catch the eye of everybody in the room at a party.

1. Non Toxic Cake Decorators Glitter Range   

  • The NON TOXIC GLITTER = NON-TOXIC - not harmful  
  • If consumed, then the product will cause no harm and will simply pass through the digestive system. 
  • This product cannot be classed as edible, as edible means the product is digestible and classed as a food, As this product does not break down when eaten, it is therefore labelled as “Non-Toxic” If concerned, Non toxic glitters can be used on decorations that can be removed prior to eating

2. Edible Silk Range

    • This is a food-grade range of completely edible lustre dusts using widely approved colourings. They all sparkle with a star-like twinkle to give a dramatic finish to your work
    • Use either of the Rainbow Dust products to jazz up your projects - its really easy; simply make something delicious, such as a cupcake, biscuit or cake and sprinkle your desired amount over the items

To do the effect below, dip a dry paintbrush or toothbrush into the pot of Rainbow Dust so that the bristles are covered.  Then holding the brush over the cupcake, flick the bristles with your finger so that the dust is released and sprinkled over the cake.  Just like a sprinkle of fairy dust!!

To use as a wet application, dampen (don’t saturate) the item you are decorating then apply as above.


To view our range or Decorators Glitters and Edible Dusts locate the items on the menu on the left side of this page, or click below:

Chocolate Transfer Sheets

Transfer sheets are a sturdy but flexible plastic sheet coated with a mixture of cocoa butter and FSANZ approved food colouring, which has been etched with a repetitive design. They come in a wide variety of designs and colours.

You can use the transfer sheets on any flat chocolate surface or to decorate biscuits, cakes and deserts. Just apply the same basic application method to whatever you wish to decorate - you can achieve amazing and impressive results with ease.

Transfer sheets can be used with any type of chocolate. Milk or dark chocolate will show gold designs to their best advantage, white chocolate will highlight pastel or lighter colours with great effect. Each sheet is for one application only. You can cut sheets to the specific size you require and tape them together on the underside to make longer strips.

How to use

Basic Application:

Step 1. Pour melted chocolate over the textured side of the sheet.

Pour on the chocolate

Step 2. Working quickly, spread the chocolate to get an even and smooth coverage over the sheet. An offset metal spatula works best for this. Do not overwork the chocolate as you may start to smear the design pattern underneath.

Spread over the sheet

Step 3. Without moving it, leave the chocolate covered sheet, so that the chocolate can begin to set.

Step 4. Once it starts to set but is not yet hard - the chocolate will look dull - you can then cut it into shapes using a cookie cutter, pizza cutter or sharp knife.

Step 5. If you find that a large amount of chocolate is sticking to the knife, or is being "dragged" through the cuts, wait another minute or two for the chocolate to set further. After you have made the cuts, let the chocolate set completely at room temperature.

Step 6. Gently peel away the plastic sheet - leaving the edible design on the chocolate's surface.

Peel Away


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