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Glues & Agents

  • Invertase

    Invertase For Liquid Centres 25ml

    Invertaste is a great product to create liquid centres for your chocolates. Perfect for those liqueur flavoured centres. Once you have put a spoonful of fondant into the centre of your chocolate shell, add a few drops of invertaste. Cover and fill the...

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  • 50g CMC Powder (White)  - E466

    50g CMC Powder (White) - E466

    50g Resealable Jar  Roberts Confectionery Branded CMC Powder  (Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose) It is the chemical version of the naturally found Gum Tragacanth CMC sets a little quicker than Gum Tragacanth.   CMC is also commonly known...

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  • 80g  Edible Glue

    80g Edible Glue

    80 g Resealable Jar  Roberts Confectionery Edible Glue Suitable for all food applications, and dries clear Ingredients:  Demineralised Water, E466, E202, E211  

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  • 30ml Decorators Rose Spirit

    30 ml Decorators Alcohol - Rose Spirit Resealable Bottle  Rose Spirit is used to create a quick drying edible paint.  It can also be used as a spot remover on fondant Directions:  Using an eyedropper for accurate measure, mix 1-3...

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  • 250g Vegetable Shortening (White) Butter Substitute

    250g White Vegetable Shortening - Butter Substitute  Resealable Tub  Our White Vegetable Shortening is a butter creaming substitute.  Use as a replacement for softening butter in icings, buttercream, meringue buttercream and mock cream...

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  • Eye Droppers Packet of 2

    Eye Droppers are fantastic for measuring and adding flavours and oils to your cooking applications. They also then make very handy storage lids for your bottles. They come in a packet of 2 droppers.

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