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Glues & Agents

  • Invertase

    Invertase For Liquid Centres 30ml

    Invertaste is a great product to create liquid centres for your chocolates. Perfect for those liqueur flavoured centres. Once you have put a spoonful of fondant into the centre of your chocolate shell, add a few drops of invertaste. Cover and fill the...

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  • 50g CMC Powder (White)  - E466

    50g CMC Powder (White) - E466

    50g Resealable Jar  Roberts Confectionery Branded CMC Powder  (Carboxyl Methyl Cellulose) It is the chemical version of the naturally found Gum Tragacanth CMC sets a little quicker than Gum Tragacanth.   CMC is also commonly known...

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  • 80g  Edible Glue

    80g Edible Glue

    80 g Resealable Jar  Roberts Confectionery Edible Glue Suitable for all food applications, and dries clear Ingredients:  Demineralised Water, E466, E202, E211  

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  • 30ml Decorators Rose Spirit

    30 ml Decorators Alcohol - Rose Spirit Resealable Bottle  Rose Spirit is used to create a quick drying edible paint.  It can also be used as a spot remover on fondant Directions:  Using an eyedropper for accurate measure, mix 1-3...

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  • 250g Vegetable Shortening (White) Butter Substitute

    250g White Vegetable Shortening - Butter Substitute  Resealable Tub  Our White Vegetable Shortening is a butter creaming substitute.  Use as a replacement for softening butter in icings, buttercream, meringue buttercream and mock cream...

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  • Eye Droppers Packet of 2

    Eye Droppers are fantastic for measuring and adding flavours and oils to your cooking applications. They also then make very handy storage lids for your bottles. They come in a packet of 2 droppers.

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  • Digital Download - Roberts Chocolate Making  Recipe Book

    Digital Download - Roberts Chocolate Making Recipe Book

    Our very own Chocolate Making instructional guide! This 56 page, A5 booklet is packed with information that's easy to read and filled with pretty pictures. With step by step instructions, recipes, tips, advice, and all the skills you need to...

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