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Chocolate Shard Cake

Chocolate Shard Cake

Posted by Roberts Edible Craft on 1st Feb 2020

Chocolate or Vanilla Shard Cake 


  • 1 Packet of Roberts Mud Cake Mix in Vanilla or Chocolate.
  • 450g Roberts White, Milk or Dark Melting Buttons
  • Roberts Flavoured Oil – Orange, Strawberry or Peppermint (Optional)
  • 200g Satin Ice Fondant
  • 300g Chocolate Ganache


  • 6 x 3 inch Square Cake Tin
  • Baking Paper
  • Roberts Eye Droppers
  • Flat Tray
  • Roberts Clear Acetate Sheets
  • Roberts Chocolate Template Rectangle & Square
  • Roberts Icing and Chocolate Smoother
  • Red Rose Buds
  • Green Florist Tape
  • 5 inch Square Cake Board
  • Colourful Ribbon

Step 1

Chocolate Mud Cake

Pre heat a fan forced oven to 140’c.

Line the base and sides of the cake tin with baking paper.

Refer to the cake mix packaging for detailed instructions to make the cake recipe to match the 6x3" Square Cake Tin. .

Bake for 1 hour and 20 minutes or until a skewer inserted into the center of the cake comes out clean.

Cool cake completely before decorating.

Step 2 - Chocolate Shards

The trick to creating a truly impressive shine on chocolate is to use Roberts Acetate Sheets.

Melt the chocolate according to the instructions on the back of the packet.

Add drops of Flavour oil and mix well.

Lay a piece of baking paper on the flat tray.

Lay the Acetate Sheet on top of the baking paper. Place the Chocolate Template over the top.

Pour approximately 150g melted chocolate along the top side of the template.

Use the Icing & Chocolate Smoother to slide the chocolate from top to bottom until all cavities are filled.

Place the tray in the fridge for 20 - 30 minutes to set. Carefully remove the template.

You will need approximately 20 chocolate shards for this project.

IMPORTANT: for best results use a completely FLAT tray.

Step 3 - Rose Board

When using fresh flowers on cakes, always discuss with your florist suitability and preparation.

Completely wrap the base of each Rose bud with florist tape.

Cover the 5 inch cake board with a thick layer of Satin Ice Fondant.

Gently press the base of each rose bud into the fondant.

Step 4

Ice the entire cake with Chocolate Ganache. Lay 3 – 4 chocolate shards on top of the cake. These will prevent the Rose Board from sticking to the icing.

Step 5

Place the Rose Board on top of the cake.

Attach the remaining chocolate shards around the sides of the cake.

Wrap the coloured ribbon around the cake.

Decoration Options

  • Handmade Chocolates using Roberts Chocolate Moulds and Fillings
  • Dust Maltesers with Roberts Edible Chocolate Polish or Crafting Dusts
  • Chocolate Truffles
  • Chocolate Dipped Strawberries
  • Buttercream flowers
  • Icing Flowers
  • Colourful Lollies
  • Fresh Berries

Variations – Shards

  • White Chocolate
  • Sprinkle Shards – Use Roberts Party of Magic Mix
  • Printed Shards – Use Roberts Transfer Sheets
  • Marble Shards - Combine white and milk chocolate

Chocolate Shards are also perfect for

  • Kids Mini Chocolate Bars – Just like a Furry Friend
  • Party Gift - Wrap in Roberts Foil Wrapping and decorate with coloured paper
  • Wedding Cakes and Favours