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Easter Chocolate Bunny Lollipops

Easter Chocolate Bunny Lollipops

Posted by Roberts Edible Craft on 16th Mar 2020

Our cute as a rabbit cotton tail chocolate mould, can be used to create lots of different looks.  There are two styles of shapes to enable you to create a single chocolate that can be wrapped in foil, or a sweet chocolate lollypop.


Easter Mould 121 - Bunny Lollypops

Melting Buttons

Foil Wrapping

Lollypop Sticks

Easter Sprinkles  

1) Melt your chocolate according to your preferred method (see our packs for handy hints)

2) For a plain chocolate bunny, spoon or pipe the chocolate into each cavity, don't overfill.  Tape gently to release any air bubbles and leave to set.  Once set the piece should remove easily from the mould by gently flipping the mould over.  If it doesn't, it needs more time to set.  

3) For a Chocolate bunny lollipop, Following step 2)  but after releasing any air bubbles, slide a lollypop stick into the back of the wet chocolate and gently rotate the stick so it also becomes coated in chocolate.  Leave to Set.

4) For chocolates with sprinkles, follow step 2) but after releasing any air bubbles, gently sprinkle your Easter mix over the back of the wet chocolate.  Then leave to set.

5) For a chocolate bunny wrapped in foil, follow step 2) to the end.  Once set, remove from the mould.  Place a piece of foil, coloured side down, over the back of the mould cavity.  Place the chocolate on top, bunny face side down.  Push the chocolate into the mould cavity and smooth the foil over the back.  Remove from the mould, and smooth over again with your fingers.  

We hope you enjoy making lots of different types of chocolate bunnies!  The best bit is, if you don't like the look of one, just eat it, and try again !!

Happy Easter