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Valentines Heart Chocolates in a Box

Valentines Heart Chocolates in a Box

Posted by Roberts Edible Craft on 13th Jan 2020


  • Roberts Melting Buttons White, Milk or Dark
  • Roberts Flavoured Oils & Flavoured Food Colouring
  • Roberts Fondant Creme – White - Optional
  • Toffee D’Or - Optional


  • Roberts Heart Mould #HH
  • Roberts Eye Droppers
  • Roberts White Lollipop Sticks - 100mm, 150mm & 200mm
  • Display Box
  • Roberts Red Foil Wrapping  - Cut to 7 x 7cm squares
  • 6” Square Foam Dummy
  • Pink Tissue Paper
  • Red & White Ribbon

Step 1 - Choose Solid Hearts OR Filled Hearts

Solid Chocolate Hearts
Melt the buttons using your preferred method on the back of the packet. 

Add drops of Flavoured Oil to the buttons and mix well. Fill 4 heart cavities with melted buttons. Tap the mould on the bench to remove any air bubbles. Whilst the chocolate is still wet, insert a lollipop stick into the back of each love heart, rotating the stick until it’s covered in chocolate. Place into the fridge until set. (Approximately 20 minutes).

Filled Chocolate Hearts
Fill each heart cavity 1/3 full. Use a tooth pick to push the chocolate up the sides of the mould. Place in the fridge to set. Add drops of Flavoured Food Colouring or Flavoured Oil to the Fondant Creme. Fill each chocolate shell 2/3 full. Top with melted buttons and place in the fridge to set. Attach lollipop Sticks with a dot of melted buttons.

Toffee D’or, is a delicious ready to use caramel. Simply spoon or pipe directly into the chocolate shell then cover with melted buttons. Place into the fridge to set.

Step 2 - Foil Wrapping
Lay a square of foil (coloured side facing down) over a heart cavity of the mould. Next, lay a lollipop on top of the foil. Gently press the heart into the mould. Fold and smooth the foil over the back of the heart. Repeat until all hearts are covered.

Step 3 - Assemble Chocolate Box
Place the Foam Dummy into the box. Next, poke the Heart Lollipops into the Foam Dummy. Fill in the gaps with coloured tissue paper flowers.Decorate your box with colourful ribbon.